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Some notes concerning the Cauer filters:

General information about Wave Digital structures:

With respect to LWDFs:

Two detailed examples:

The Instruction Manual for a laboratory exercise (2006/2007) based on the Scheduling Toolbox:

Description of a hardware implementation of a block size 36 IMDCT (called an 18-point IMDCT here, given the redundancy in the input and output values) for usage in an MP3 decoder, designed with the aid of the Scheduling Toolbox:

Journal paper

Fast computational structures for an efficient implementation of the complete TDAC analysis/synthesis MDCT/MDST filterbanks
Vladimir Britanak, Huibert J. Lincklaen Arriens
Signal Processing 89 (2009), pgs. 1379-1394
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November 2003:

November 2002:

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