Reports & Publications

Lecture Notes

The original lecture notes (et2 009) from R. Nouta, describing the very basics.
Respectively released Sep-2002, Jan-2003 and Mar-2002 (in Dutch):
Signaalverwerking, deel 1 (Chapters 1-5).
Signaalverwerking, deel 2 (Chapters 1-5).
Signaalverwerking, deel 3 (Chapters 1-7.5).

Reports, test cases, etc.

Some notes concerning the Cauer filters:
About the Arithmetic-Geometric Mean, Jacobian and Inverse Jacobian functions.
About the accuracy of sn when using an approximation with theta-functions.
About the Skwirzynski transformations: Cauer types A, B and C.

General information about Wave Digital structures:
Wave Digital 2-Port and 3-Port Adapters.

With respect to LWDFs:
Calculation of the Coefficients of a Lattice Wave Digital Filter.

Two detailed examples:
A 5th Order Vlach filter with (Contributing) Unit Element.
Realizations of a 6th Order Symmetrical Band-Pass Filter.

The Instruction Manual for a laboratory exercise (2005/2006) describing the Scheduling Toolbox:
Laboratory Exercise ET4054, Methods and Algorithms for System Design.

Description of a hardware implementation of a block size 36 IMDCT (called an 18-point IMDCT here, given the redundancy in the input and output values) for usage in an MP3 decoder, designed with the aid of the Scheduling Toolbox:
Implementation of an 18-point IMDCT on FPGA.

ProRISC publications

November 2004:
A High-level Design and Implementation Platform for IP Prototyping on FPGA.
November 2003:
Design and FPGA-Implementation of Wave Digital Bandpass Filters with Arbitrary Amplitude Transfer Characteristics.
November 2002:
Xilinx FPGA Implementation of Overflow Correction in a Wave Digital Filter Starting from a C-based Description.

On the Use of the Sharpe-Chebyshev Rational Function Approximation.

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